Mission Statement. Manifesto. List of Things To Do. What this blog is about. Kind of.

This blog won’t be all about ME. Although some of it will be.  (I am a freelance photographer – it’s the nature of the beast, a necessary evil…). An equal mix of things I’ve been up to, things I think and I things I think you should know.

There’ll be some photographs. I’m a photographer after all. It’ll be a mix of photos from assignments added to a pinch of photos that I like, just because. I believe the latter are really important.

This blog is about inspiration. It’s a storage area of things I find that inspire me creatively. Things that can be re-appreciated on a rainy day. I want to share these with you. I believe in sharing inspiration.

I hope to focus not completely, but at least a teeny bit, on African photography. Because there is a pool of African photographers that are INCREDIBLE and far too often unappreciated simply because they are unknown.

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