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Things you can’t frame in your viewfinder: Respite

1.37am. Cape Town. That is when it happened. Silence woke me up. Deafening silence. City silence: there’s almost an echo; a comforting undertone of a low hum. All the way in Tamboerskloof – on the slopes of the mountain – you can hear the sea.

But mostly you can hear the STILLNESS. Respite after 48 hours of howling wind. I breathe like a person nearly drowned and taking that first spluttering gasp of air knowing that it’s going to be okay. I imagine others coming up for air… the city’s homeless relaxing the curled ball they’ve been in on their cardboard mattresses; rats and squirrels peering out of their holes, wondering if its safe to come out; other insomniacs such as myself opening windows next to their beds; tree’s branches still in exhaustion.

The best feeling, as I lie here awake, is that in the next few hours more than 3 million people will awake to this same feeling… in some way or another… They breathe it in, but might not be able to put words to it…


From the Cape Town promenade, as promised. I love the beginnings of a personal project: when you’re not really sure where you’re going with it, or how it will eventually become a whole. Leaving this one to the wind and going to see where it takes me…For now I’m just happy to be spending time in the space that I love so much.

Promenade..a beginning

Starting a new personal project on Cape Town’s promenade….my favorite space in the city. Found these thrown away images in a second hand store in Kalk Bay some time back. They’re both taken on the promenade in 1941/1942…the only info scribbled onto the back of the photo’s. So keep posted. Promenade photo’s and stories to come.